If you have an important topic you wish to discuss on #IrishMed, contact me at;

e-mail; drfarrell@hotmail.com

twitter; @drlfarrell

Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/IrishMed-1715362945348444/


Protocol for co-hosts

#IrishMed is a live twitter-driven event which takes place every Wednesday at 10 pm Irish time, 5 pm ET, on all things relating to medicine. Tweets are welcome from everyone, health care professionals, patients, carers, advocates, general public; all perspectives are valuable. Overseas comments are especially welcome, as health issues are global.

What we ask of each guest host:

  • develop engaging topics with 3-6 main questions for the #IrishMed audience (these may be related to their particular area of expertise or interest, or general interest topics)
  • promotion of their role as host of #IrishMed chat on their own social media channels

What does the guest host get out of it?

  • Increased exposure to a wider audience
  • A chance to lead on a topic that they care about 
  • Being part of a community, because many hands make light work
  • Exposure to new concepts and ideas, even on a topic you already know a lot about
  • Help spread reliable, validated information and therefore change the world

Curator duties:

  • finding, scheduling and supporting hosts throughout the year
  • promotion on our social media channels of you, your organization, and the chat topics
  • transcript and stats of the chat
  • keeping an eye on times and posing the questions, so you can concentrate on responses

On the evening of the chat, the responsibilities of the guest host include:

  • Being online with the Twitter account of their choice to from 10pm GMT 5pm ET
  • Greeting and chatting with people during the intro session (I’ll help out here)
  • Engage via replies and RTs with people as they answer the question at hand

Most hosts tweet about 20-40 times over the course of the chat hour, and the feedback has been very positive with many people excited to come back and host again.

Tips for being a host:

    Discussion not lecturing: #IrishMed chat is a place for discussion and engagement; it’s not journal club or a lecture based format. Pick questions that have broader appeal. The #IrishMed chat audience is an international mix of clinicians and non-clinicians.

    Come join as a participant first!: If you have not yet chatted at #IrishMed chat, we encourage you to come to a chat before you host, so that you get to know the people, recognize the friendly culture

Use a Twitter Chat App/Website: Make sure you are using a computer and not a phone. A tablet can do in a pinch or if you are an experienced host. Some of the more common ones are Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Nurph.com, Tweetchat.com, tchat.io. Try one out that you like before the chat and use it.  I use tchat.io. If stuck, the usual twitter feed will suffice, but it’s a bit clumsier

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