Being homeless; my experience… Transcript + stats

Weds 3rd October 10pm UK/Ire, 5pm ET

Co-host @ReinhartG



I was saddened to read this report about the attitude of A&E staff to two homeless people

So I asked Reinhart Gauss to lead this week’s. Reinhart is from Canada, and has been a regular participant in #IrishMed for many years. He is now homeless, and can give his perspective from the sharp end; homelessness is not just a global issue, but also an individual tragedy.

‘Someone has to let people know most didn’t choose to be homeless. Once you are, it’s a vicious cycle to get back on your feet.’

(1) What is it like, being homeless?

(2) What are the medical causes + consequences of homelessness?

(3) Is medical care care a priority for the homeless?

(4) How can we provide medical care for the homeless?

(5) What are the solutions for homelessness?


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